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Back in 2007 I uncovered Linvingstone’s plans to toll the main roads running into London. Passed my evidence to Boris’s team who had it confirmed by The Times.

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A journalist just contacted me to say keep going to get the mRNA jab pulled.

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We call on the UK government to stop injecting people with experimental mRNA …

WOLSNED on Twitter: “My first chat with ChatGPT. First of all …

for 4 dage siden — Maizy Daizy · @MaizyDaizyZzzz. ·. Feb 12. Replying to. @wolsned. Every time somebody ‘talks’ to this entity…they are helping it learn.

WOLSNED on Twitter: “Just the tip of the iceberg. …

for 1 dag siden — Maizy Daizy · @MaizyDaizyZzzz. ·. Feb 14. Replying to. @wolsned. We are noticing now because young healthy people are dying.

Cambridge Colin on Twitter: “@MaizyDaizyZzzz Screen shot …

for 1 dag siden — Maizy Daizy · @MaizyDaizyZzzz. ·. 7h. Replying to. @CambridgeColin2. No debris – no UFOs…the alien believers have been played…by …

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Personal fav song on the album? Maizy · @Maizy_da_Daisy. ·. Aug 11, 2020. Why did they give the cactus tits #MaskedSingerAU. 4. Maizy Retweeted.

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“better days” w/ LIL NAMI is OUT! ✨ this song is a nice reminder that if you’re having an absolute shit day theres always better days to look forward to.

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@DaizyRees. 28DAC7B6} Instagram——– daisymaizy In the end you’ll find what you deserve.. Myles Kennedy is my life.. London Joined May 2012.

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Maizy Retweeted · · @aznbbgoth. ·. Mar 1, 2022. today is Daisy’s 15th birthday 🙂 Image. 2,571. 118.3K. 811K. Show this thread · Maizy Retweeted.

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